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Yesterday Was A Gift Wrapped Shorting Opportunity On a Silver Platter 3/23/21

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The insiders at Wework and Robinhood are in a very tight spot.

The companies lose oodles of money and they can't cash out in the normal IPO process.

The Big Wall street banks are reluctant to lend their imprematuer to IPO's that will likely bomb.

What can they do???????

Well they can follow JIMBO's patented four step process to wealth and riches.

Step 1: SPAC the company.

Any old rubbish can be spaced right now thanks to the FED endless print regime.

Step 2: Get the Long short Hedge funds to short the hell out of the stocks. After all they will eventually go to Zero.

Step 3: This step is the tricky part. Employ an army of chinese bots to post short squeeze messages about the companies on Wall Street Bets and related message boards. A thousand or two should do the trick. Remember to use key phrases like "Diamond Holders".

Step 4: Cash out at the top of the short squeeze. They could even buy some call and then put options and cash these out too for a bit of extra money.

Please note this is a work of satire that could become reality.


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