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Fasten Your Seatbelts While We Wait for the Fed Rescue 3/17/21

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Banks are getting hit, but they don't mark their investment portfolios to market. They are carried at cost. The losses are recognized when and if they sell. 

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Got it. Added link to https://www.goldsilvervault.com/

is that the famous vaccine needle formation?

Bernanke or Greenspan for that matter are not uniquely nefarious so much as the monetary system is a racket. It's run by the banks and surprise surprise, the banks win, Who'd of thunk it.

As for your reach Lee the possible answer is simple. You have to stop selling it.  Don't stomp your feet at me.

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Well, that was a lot of work for $25. I need to sue my employer for minimum wage. 

Have a good night, my fellow stoolies and remember. 

Jaysus says, "Remain calm, all is well. I am the Lord of the Fed, and I am with you. Praised be my glorious name forever and ever. Amen. Next question, you over there, yes, you Liesman. May I have your softball, thank you. ”


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17 minutes ago, Jorma said:

As for your reach Lee the possible answer is simple. You have to stop selling it.  Don't stomp your feet at me.

I'm not sure what that means. 🤯 

Bill Bonner's company spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year "selling." They are by far the largest, most successful, and dare I say profitable, newsletter publisher in the world. They reach millions of people around the world and have revenue in the billions.  

They are all selling, all the time. Everything they do is selling. I would hardly call what I do "selling," in the context of how newsletters are successfully marketed in this day and age.  I'm putting out information, analysis, opinion, and yes, I ask people to try my service. I tried "not marketing" for years. That definitely wasn't successful. 

My question wasn't about reach. Reach is another issue. This was about why no one ever gives feedback. And the answer I got from several  extremely smart people here is that no one understands what the hell I'm talking about, including a very good friend of mine who has been around the market for 30 years.

That's my fault. I know it. I just wish there was feedback. Any feedback. 

The bottom line is that I don't write about things in a way that moves people to respond. I love what I do. Not many others love it. I guess they find it arcane and boring.  

I'm used to that. I accept it. I do this because it's what I do. I'm not here to please the world. I'm here to please myself. I get pleasure from analyzing things and communicating my observations. I'm trying my best to help people with information they can't get anywhere else. 

I can live with the fact that that doesn't appeal to many people, and the fact that I don't make in interesting enough to engage people. I'm having a good time doing it. I make enough money from it to get by, and do a little trading these days. 

I have an interesting life, full of interesting people and interesting places. I appreciate you and everyone who drops by this board from time to time. 

I especially appreciate my subscribers who have allowed me the privilege of doing this work for 20 years. 

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