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Nah Gah Dah, Wouldn't Be Prudent 3/11/21

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2-3 day cycle projection now looks 3980. 

Question is, if this holds up, do I want to stay long overnight again? Last night I was so heavy long, I couldn't sleep. I got about 4 hours.

I wish I could have enjoyed the day a little more. There's just no joy trading the bull side. It's a business. That's all. 

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1 hour ago, MisFit Kid said:

Finally talked to a few of my neighbors down the street (here in Un-Frozen Texas)

who were replacing walls/ceilings in their house, plumbing, and their pool equipment. 

They did not look happy and I was afraid to ask about the cost of sheet rock,wood, etc.....

Good thing inflation is low.......




Speaking of weather damage, here is the weekend snow forecast for here in Denver and surrounding environs. Some weather models are predicting up to 42" in Boulder and 2-3 feet slightly west of Denver in the foothills. You know it has the potential to be bad when local news is running stories about potential for roofs collapsing. 😰

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 12.21.48 PM.png

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14 minutes ago, BurntOnce said:

that drought in the southwest US looks like a scorcher. many farms are shutting down. inflation anyone?

according to U know who.......everything in transitory......

especially the beer I am about to drink during Happy Hour.........😀 🍺

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