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Chaos in the Hourly Chart Bear Market, Fartcall for the Fucuture -June 30, 1974

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Anybody here trade Amazon and have insights about it? I probably should pay more attention to it than I do. Looks it is down around 600 bucks a share from the September high, and almost a perfect 3/8

THE DOLLAR OR THE BOND The FED has to either let the Bond market crash ....or the dollar crash. It can't save both at the same time. Right now they are letting the Bond market crash.

Yah, at 156 bucks between 1/8 lines, it might be more of an options thing . . .  Was Forus the one that used to trade a huge chunk of full S&P contracts at a time, not the e-minis for people

Updated 15M ES from earlier. So far, may have my answer to wondering where the lines are. Prefer to be wondering where the lions are, but close enough. Music > trading today (Buffet version of Bruce Cockburn song).


Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 10.35.06 AM.png

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30M ES. That upper red line on the downsloping action-reaction channel looks kinda important.

Doc, thanks for letting me talk to myself and clog up the board today. I promise to be on better behavior next week. 🙂

A great weak end to all! 

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Some serious slot rattling going on.  I suppose one has to take into account that the Fed could drop the Yield Curve Control card at any moment. A Friday afternoon?  Not likely.

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1 hour ago, DrStool said:

Back to where we were before Jaysus spaketh on the foreday. 



Where are we?


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The Fed is conducting a bit of an experiment.

What is the experiment you may ask?????

It is letting the Bond market have a bit of freedom to measure 2 things:

1/ How fast interest rates will rise.

2/ How that will impact the stock market.

I.e. its probably quite happy to see stocks sell off 10-20% as a result.

Anything more and it will slam on the breaks and start buying bonds in earnest.

Which will crash the dollar.

Buts that's a story for another day.


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They don't care so much about stocks, although they certainly would react if we get a 20% crash. The bond crash will get worse before that happens. I think we're only days from a massive intervention. They have to stop this. There's no workable alternative. 

Here’s The Evidence That The US Treasury is Bailing Out Stricken Primary Dealers

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