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We Have Yet To Pay The Ultimate Price of Bernanke's Heinous Crime 3/2/21

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The biggest hospital in my W MI county had zero Covid cases the other day.  I got my second vaccination last week.  The Canadian border still closed until the 21st and probably till who knows when, June?.  Other areas much worse and worsening. Urp seems not so well off Covid wise.  How Lee is going to get out of  ̶ ̷D̷o̷d̷g̷e̷  Zadar I've got no clue. Not that he should share. Not as a matter of fact. Good luck there.  

The merger of the Treasury and the Fed is something to behold. (I know I know, they have always been partners) It is MMT except without all the absurd nonsense about governments issuing currency. A concept so harebrained that it's beyond belief.  Perhaps they were right about fluoride back in the day.

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