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Stonks for the Long Hole 2/25/21

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Fun chart. The story of the entire adult lives of most working people today.  Including banking and finance of course. The lesson; interest rates only fall.  

I suppose the US could follow Japan and just monetize most of the government debt, keeping even long term rates scraping bottom for years on end while the currency stays viable. That's what everyone is counting on, if they know it or not. 

Anyhow a fun chart as you can get the date week by week and try to remember what was happening at the time. 


The yield on the 10 is up only 50% this year. Is that a lot?

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USD is Shitapon Sam today. Furriners are selling Ts and repatriating their cash. 

This is really, really bearish. 

Everything I purdickted is coming home to roost. 

I'm out of all but 3 of my longs. They're still solidly above trend. Shockingly, I actually have a gain today despite coming in with 12 dongs. The screens give me a couple that were up enough to offset the falling shit. 

Just now on the verge of making our first lower low today. 

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15 minutes ago, DrStool said:

Treasury just announced another $30 billion in T-bill paydowns, hitting March 4. This brings the 2 week total to $155 billion and it is NOT ENOUGH. The system is collapsing. 

But there are the $139bn notes coming out on the 1st. 

Now I see some wags are saying the Fed wants a steeper yield curve, to get banks to go out there to fund the deficit..  Cripes. 

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