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All Chart Patterns are Bullish- 2/10/21

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Rule Number One of Modern Technical Analysis. 

All chart patterns are bullish. It doesn't matter what it is. If it's a double top- Bullish. Head and shoulders - Bullish. Flag, wedge, diamond, saucer, cup and handle, reverse cup and handle, three peaks and a domed house. three steps and a stumble - it doesn't matter. 

They are all bullish all the time. 

So, my fellow bears, I hope that you've enjoyed today's lesson. Here's my half hourly chart of the current pattern in the S&P fucutures. It's bullish, of course. Featuring the famous Upskelator pattern. 

Yesterday I said that I had little doubt that they'd make it to a target of 3920. Voila, done in the overnight. 



Now let's zoom out to the two hour bars for perspective. We see that the top of this big channel is at 3924 in the pre market. No doubt at some point today they'll blast through that and take aim at 3960-70.  ON the off chance that they pull back (What's that?), rising support trendlines come in every 5 points or so down to 3910, then about every 10 points to around 3880. Only if that's broken is there significant air space below. 

Therefore it won't be broken. 

All patterns are bullish. 



Big picture, click here.

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I have evolved a highly successful trading method through trial, error and testing. I've been profitable 7 of the last 8 trading days using this disciplined, tested approach. 


It works like this.

Every morning after the open, and every afternoon before the close, I just close my eyes and buy shit. At 11 AM, I sell it. 

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