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Two Hour Bars Have an Ominous Look 2/4/21

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Here's a 2 hour bar chart again. If the oscillators turn up from this level, we could see another yooge upleg. The level to watch is 3835. Getting through that could be a trigger. While there are layers of resistance above every 5-10 points, they may not amount to much. 

I'm using a bunch of weasel words on purpose. Because if things turn south and they break 3809 here instead of breaking out topside, it's a great setup for a smash. 



So let's zoom in to 30 minute bars and see if that gives any clarity. Seems pretty clear that the trading range of 3809 to 3843 holds the key to the future of the human race. The direction of the breakout will tell us whether da Bears or da Bulls win. 

Unless it's a false breakout. 😂😂😂 

That's it for now.  I gotta get back to the controls of my laser.  From the JSLA branch installation on the shores of the Adriatic Sea in Zadar, Croatia, I bid you Happy Trades to You. 


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20 minutes ago, DrStool said:

You can see the new T-Rex. I don't even need to draw it. 


Then draw the huge manatee gold chart.

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