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Verticality 2/3/21

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I give you a 2 hour bar chart for perspective. This is unquestionably, absitively, posolutely, the top of this move. I mean. You can tell. Right? 

Look at the two previous peaks in all 3 indy caterers. THey're serving it up on a beautiful platter. 

What man or woman dare go long here? Who dares go short. 

Who's with me?




OK. All that said. The 5 day cycle projection is 3900. That's right. Thirty nine.  

Get the big picture at Liquidity Trader. 

Last Week Won’t Lead to a Crash – Yet

Bloomberg US Treasury (BUST) Channel Sends Bullish Signal

Not Mining Gold Good News

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Wow. EUR/USD back to $1.20. That was quick. I can almost afford to stay in Europe now. 

The Ministry of the Interior Police (MUP) visited me yesterday for my temporary residency permit interview. 

I applied in August. 

In the Balkans, things take time. A lot of time. 

They seem to be getting the spread of the virus under control. Down 90% on average from a peak of 4500 per day in early December. Vaccinations are delayed by the supply problems in Europe. 

There are no means yet to vaccinate foreigners who are not in the national health system. I'm required to join the system when my residency is approved. Hopefully soon!  

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31 minutes ago, DrStool said:

I was thinking of buying 1 share of GME and riding it up from 89 to 150. 


I've been thinking of buying 5 shares of TSLA and riding it up to 100,000.

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There's a leftover 5 day cycle projection of 3875 that shouldn't count because there were 5 day cycle sell signals this morning, and we're in a down phase. 

That's right, this is the down phase. 

Rut ro. 


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2 hours ago, DrStool said:

Do you know what time it is, boys and girls? 



Is it....


Megafauna & their dumpage chart drawing time?

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Were it not for the fact that the right shoulder is slightly higher than the left, I'd say that today's pattern was bearish. It's been a long, long time since I've seen a higher right shoulder lead to a significant decline. 


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