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When Long Isn't Wrong 1/4/21

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We bears may consider it morally wrong and repugnant, but greed is good, ergo...

Here we go again at 5 AM ET.

The ES has hit uptrend channel resistance at 3772 and should pull back a bit.  The 2-3 day cycle projection of 3770-75 was hit.  The 5 day cycle projection looks a tad higher at 3780-85. 


If they get through this trendline around 3775, the next one and likely target is now around 3785-90 and rising. The pattern that they just broke out of overnight measures to around 3780-85.  We should see 3800 later this week, if not this afternoon. 

For the big picture go to Liquidity Trader.  

Projections Point Higher, So When Will Shorts Start Working?

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If the dollar were to lose its reserve-currency status, abruptly & unexpectedly, TNX could soar handsomely and grotesquely over 1.00 in the blink of an eye and for decades, without any ability of

From Zadar, Good night, and good luck! 


The Monster Is in the Room – Commercial Real Estate

by Lee Adler •  • 0 Comments

I think that if there’s anything that illustrates the head in the sand problem of the banks, it’s this. Commercial real estate (CRE) finance. There’s a monster in the room. All that empty room. 

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