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So, How Much Will It Go Up Today?

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Either this is it, right here at 5:30 AM ET. Or else 3770 on the ES this afternoon. 


By the way, the base breakout measures to 3800. At least. But that will take a couple more days. 

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Trend is your friend until it snot. 

I'm about 100 km away. Felt it as mild sideways shaking for about 10 seconds. This is the third quake I have felt here since I've been in Croatia, not including several significant aftershocks of the Zagreb quake last year. 

This one was the biggest and most destructive. It followed two smaller quakes yesterday that were still above 5.0. This one was 6.4. Mother Earth may not be done with us yet. 

We are powerless. 

The end is nigh. 


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Meanwhile the EUR/USD is testing the high. I'm getting poorer by the minute.  

I'm coping with all kinds of disasters. Pestilence, earthquakes, massive storms, floods, and a fucking crashing USD. 

Feels like Pesach. 


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Arcturus $ARCT getting creamed as Phase 1/2 for ARCT-021 self-replicating Alphavirus-derived replicon RNA vaccine for COVID-19 shows neutralizing antibody titers of only 32, 33 and 46, following 5 µg single dose, 7.5 µg single dose and 5 µg boost. It should of had titers in the hundreds. Queue JPG of low titers.

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