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The Sky's the Limit 12/14/20

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At the moment, the 2-3 day cycle projection looks 3700. No 5 day cycle projection yet. The uptrend channel line is currently at 3676, moving to around 3685 at the NY open and 3690 at noon. Bears' task will be to break that. Otherwise, todamoon. 

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On 12/4/2020 at 6:47 PM, DrStool said:

What are dividends, you say?

Why, back in the 50s, that's why we bought stocks. To get the dividends. Nowadays, instead of paying dividends, companies buy back their stocks and that way they can pay the dividends to the executives who deserve them, rather than the ridiculous, do-nothing, stock holders. Besides, the buybacks make stocks go up. Dividends are so mid-century modern.   


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Not at all. I was just showing that the Investors Business Rag was imitating art. 

Everything is art. A fart is art. 

A cart is art. 

A dart is art. 

The BART is art. 

A mart is art. 

A part is art. 

A tart is art

A wart is not art. 

But I ain't that smart. 


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