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Stock Market Disco Ball 12/9/20

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Our here in West Michigan things are humming along commercially with factories busy and plenty of construction, even factories.  Lots and lots of trucks of all kind on the roads.  After all if you have a pulse and a corporation you can get a business loan. I can't imagine being turned down for a loan now. 

They can't keep gas over $2 here so $45 oil is stupid. By the way across the ticker last week about some driller, fracking, announcing a new agreement for unsecured credit. Even  though secured loans by energy companies is already like $39 billion in bankruptcy proceedings this year.  Ah capitalism.   Making the same damn mistake. Pouring money into drilling holes in the ground for something we don't need to sell at a loss.  We are so screwed.


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Going toward the bell with a 5 day cycle projection of 3660, which was done earlier. Dare I point out that this morning's projection was completely bogus. That happens typically at the tail end of a move, so maybe this is a reversal. 

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