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Stock Market Disco Ball 12/9/20

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It's an 80s dance party. Let's get high and dance!

2-3 day and 5 day cycle projections all 3735-3750. First they gotta get through resistance 3715-17. 

lick to engorge


3700 is now support. They'd have to break that to get anything going on the downside, and even that wouldn't get far before hitting stair treds. 

I don't know when this thing is going to unload. Yesterday I came in 85% long, and got a little crazy mid day getting to 45% short. Mistake. It cost me most of what would have been big profits yesterday. I spent the last hour cleaning up my baby poop. 

This is the curse of the preternatural bear. Psychologically it's hard to stay long for long.  

By the end of the day I had repositioned for today's session by getting long a few of the stocks that my screens had spit out on buy signals yesterday morning. I am 6 to 1 long/short. We'll see how that goes. 

I am currently running screens for possible movers today. 



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I would guess that I saw him play 40-50 times during the years he was in Philly. I saw more than a few of those home runs that he hit over the light towers and billboards on the left field roof with my own eyes. The man didn't use a bat. He swung a 40 ounce war club like it was a toothpick. Every time he came to the plate was an event. 

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Hourly indicators are on the sell side and we've come to the uptrend line. As long as those indicators are above the zero line, I don't expect them to amount to anything. The trend is still up. 


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