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Meat Grinder 10/22/20

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From the trading desk of Chernem, Burnham, Dewey, Scroom, and Howe, I bid you good evening. 

Do have a nice night, and a good day, Tamara. 

Click to engorge. 


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Lee, would like your opinion on the following 30 minute interview with Stephanie Kelton. One of the biggest supporters of MMT. I have the link starting on the interview.  They go over mechanics between the Treasury and Fed which I greatly respect your knowledge on. 


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Seriously, I prefer not to critique, or even read, the work of others. The only one I read regularly is Doug Noland. I repost his Credit Bubble Bulletin in the Wall Street Examiner. 

I'm happy to answer questions about my work here, to the extent that I can without revealing current proprietary research which Liquidity Trader subscribers pay for. My first responsibility is to those of you who do. I'm grateful for your support. Without you, I would not be here. 

For those of you who don't subscribe, I humbly request that you do so. 90 days risk free to first time subscribers.  Times are tough. I've lost a third of my subscriber base since March, despite calling the market pretty damn well.  I need your support now.  Subscribe now and I will prepare you the best I can for what's ahead. 

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