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If You Come To A Fork in the Road, Take It 10/21/20

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We have arrived at that fork. Downtrend meets uptrend on the hourly chart of the ES fucutures here at 4:40 AM ET. Hourly oscillators have just edged to the sell side. The 5 day cycle projection still points to 3400 but multiple support lines loom 3425-3415. All rise to 3420-25 when the judge enters the courtroom at 9:30. 

Those lines and the pivot low must be broken for the jury to render a gullty verdict. If they hold, I'd look for a big move up today. If they don't hold, we'll go down, but it will be choppy, with BTFD levels every 10 points or so. 

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This TD Ameritrade/Schwab trading platform is an absolute disgrace. Buggy, clunky piece of shit. Is anyone else here on it. I switched for the free commissions. Not worth it. I'd go back to IB, but I don't want that asshole Peterffy to have a nickel of my money.  

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