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Weekend at Bernie's 10/5/20

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The stock futures markets have taken the weekend at Bernie's in stride. At 3:20 AM in New York the ES fucutures were up 14.50, but off their highs by about a dozen points.  

The hourly chart has trend channels going every which way, so anything, can happen, or nothing may happen. For now, the hourly indicators, which usually represent a 2-3 day cycle are stariting to edge down. So you could make a case for today being a down day. Initial support areas are around 3348 and 3338. 

There seems to be a 5 day cycle projection of 3307. At the same time, there's an unmet 2-3 day cycle projection of 3394. So take your pick. Futures now up only 10, testing that first support area. 




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It occurs to me that most people won't get the Weekend at Bernie's reference. Not everyone is as old as I am.  

That will do it for me for tonight.  From Zadar Croatia. Do have a nice night, and a good day tomorrow. Good night all! 

2 hour bar perspective. Looks a little head and shouldery. But the right shoulder would be higher than the left. It has been decades since I remember seeing a higher right shoulder with a materially bearish outcome. 


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Weekend at Bernies......to go with all the Zombie companies being pushed around.....


>: NBC did a Heidi on their Sunday NASCAR race.......

>:: Gunnersaurus was sacked by Arsenal (Mesut Ozil still makes £350k A WEEK)


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ES flirting with a double top with today's high, and today's high with the Oct 1 high. So far 1 point below that one. I have a list of shorts ready on autopilot. But if they break out upside, I have no longs. I better get busy. 

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2 minutes ago, DrStool said:

Did you know that dogshit can bounce? 

You have been performing experiments in your spare time?  Probably not a good way to ingratiate yourself with your new neighbors.

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