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Market With DTs 9/15/20

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In this case, that's double tops. Very slight negative divergences in hourly oscillators, but no rollover yet as Europe opens and New York sleeps at 3 AM ET.  

Significant resistance on ES around 3385 area. If cleared, they run into another resistance band 3390-95. If not, initially vulnerable to 3365. 

Big Treasury coupon settlement today. No Fed MBS settlements and only small Treasury purchase. Bearish. 

My guess for today? Down. 


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5 minutes ago, DrStool said:

It's not a dumb question.

Especially because I didn't know the answer.  😄😆

OK, thank you. I assume it must roll over based on when volume or trading activity exceeds the expiring contract. So I'm assuming that the 5 day projection relates to the December contract. 

Learning the market is like life--it humbles me hugely most every day, and shows me yet another thing I don't know. 🙂

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Gotta get through that wall at 3410. 

I hope our California stoolies are ok. 

Thinking of you and hoping for the best. I have many cousins in Cali too. God what a nightmare. 

Trump says we need to do a better job of raking the forest. Can you imagine what will happen if he remains in office? 

Can things get worse than this? 

Why yes. Yes they can. 

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