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The Silence of the Bears (Rerun)

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Most academic papers on finanace arnt very useful. Just read one that is:

Of the 25000 listed US companies since 1926  .....$34 Trillion in value has been created.


Was created by only 1000 of those 25000 companies

Thats right....4% of the companies created all the value,

The other 24000 created NO value.

 Think of that .....you have a portfolio of 25 companies....only 1 will create long term value!!!!!!!!!!

The problem is....which company will be in the 4%???????????

It gets worse

Of the $34 trillion in value created .........half was created by only 90 companies

The biggest value creators were Exxon and Apple.

Also remember of those 25000 companies ONLY 3800 remain listed.

85% of listed companies have disapeared.!!!!!!!!!!

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Actually TECH is destroying the world and SME. Its mega deflation scenario, this is why markets are pricing deflation in 2022. Amazing.

The most important question is - who will fight with all those monopolies? Democrats - for sure, not. Reps - I also dont think so (they just are focused on fake news aspects of it)

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