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3520 Here We Come 8/28/20

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5 hours ago, DrStool said:

As long as the Fed prints enough money to fund the debt, I don't see much point about speculating on a top, at least until the TA shows some signs of one.  

It's probably also a good bet that the Trump Regime will use its $1.6 trillion cash hoard to do whatever it takes to keep stocks rising until the election.  The Treasury has even told us that it will spend $800 billion of it in September. Didn't say how, but you know how Trump loves to bray about the stock market. 

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Yes. Absolutely and totally. They will not only prevent stocks from going down, they will actually BOMB it higher. S&P 4000 and NDX 15000 before Nov 3.

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This is different. This is classic state sponsored fascist violence.  

We can not say that violence when it comes to politics is somerhing new n the US after WW2.

Both JFK and RFK were murdered most likely from some kind of right wing sources.  Who exactly we will maybe never know. Take Bobby Kennedy for example. There was a good chance that he would have beaten Nixon, once he overtook Humphries what he quite likely would have achieved. Then came that Palestinian guy.,, ah yes... just like Ali Agca killed almost the Pope... alone... just so... ah yes 🙄

When it comes to political violence from law enforcement we have thst example from Kent University.

So the right wing have made it clear quite often thst they will also use the ultimate violence - murder - to achieve their goals. Frightening. 😳

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