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The Only Thing That Matters on the Bullshit Train 8/26/20

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Really what else can you call a market that does this with 30 million unemployed, as many unable to pay rent or the mortgage, some starving, and thousands dying every week from a virus that the Regime keeps trying to cure with bullshit fake remedies. 


But none of that matters. There's only one thing that matters. Central bank liquidity and promises to do whatever it takes to ensure that the already rich never lose a dime, no matter how dumb or morally outrageous their bets are. 

It's hard to watch this day after day and not feel a sense of unreality and despondency. 






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Watch the Treasury balance in the days ahead.  

There will be a severe shortage of QE next week to match up with the end of month Treasury issuance. Bears have a shot there, but here’s why things tilt back toward the bulls after that.

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6 minutes ago, DrStool said:

I have a really bad feeling about what's behind this rally.  

The saved money from Mnuchin which wasn‘t put into work yet? They saved it to bomb the market higher via the P. Diddies right in front of the election, correct?

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If trendlines are broken on the way up and the price falls right through them on the way down, and no one is there to trade them, are they really trendlines?  

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