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3440 or Fight

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4 hours ago, potatohead said:


Want to thank you for your comments. Greatly appreciated. I am hoping you are offered an interview. They have a very sizable audience. My concern is that many are being misinformed about the accounting structure and strong dollar thesis versus the real world implications of Fed Policy. 

I just think it's to do with Cycles, For Now there are lot's of traders looking for Strong Dollar,  will go down until everyone think it's going to go down forever. May not see 99 again same as 2001 top

Bounce will come

DXY bottom 2026.png

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The rest of the world is abandoning the dollar.  Now if that is reflected in its exchange value over any long term I don't know  but it sure seems like it should.  

There is no sign to me that the monetary exchange system is in any trouble.  Still.  Besides by any measure the US is really really dysfunctional.  

If Uncle Sam does not bail out the state governments literally millions of jobs are going bye bye. I don't doubt that it is going to be a deteriorating employment situation  which is going to break this market, and everything else.

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