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Market Blows But Does It Count 8/24/20

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3 hours ago, DrStool said:

The idea that Primary Dealers are only paid with reserves is peak idiocy.

Ah... ah... ah....

I would strongly advise that you not issue a "peak idiocy" proclamation prematurely.

From my perch, there appears plenty of blue sky above......

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So, just show up and blindly purchase some ES about an hour before market close, then take about 8, 10, or whatever points and call it a day? Lather, rinse, repeat? I could save myself about 5 1/2 hours of time many days.

"What did you do today honey?"

"Well, I worked for about an hour, as usual. Another tough day."

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That ends today's short squeeze. See you tomorrow at 3 PM for the next episode of As the Shorts Get Tuned. 

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