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A Wounded Bull Will Still Gore You 8/21/20

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That was yesterday's lesson.  

Meanwhile, here at 9 AM in Europe, 3 AM in New York, the ES futures have pulled back to an uptrend parallel. A bounce here would confirm the channel. A failure would suggest that the incipient rollovers in the hoursly cycle indicators are valid sell signals. WIth the market thin down to at least 3350, and probably to 3325, that could lead to another hot-knife-through-butter drop. 



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Or gap up 33... 🙄 To make it clear under which rule the US lives from Nov 3 on... I am disappointed about the jewish banks. Goldman simply can‘t do what they do right now. They have the power to

This is not appropriate.  Please spare us the pollution.

I have this weird feeling like we've been here before. 

I can't quite put my finger on it. 





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This is pretty impressive. Especially if this works out. 


The forecast has changed. It’s less bearish, but it’s still bearish. Here’s why.

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Bulls Have Nothing to be worried about. 1 Crash in 1 year with fed in charge can Never happen.

Everything will Double?

 I just Like Cash.





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6 minutes ago, jp6 said:

Bulls only Hope is fed, without more QE they will be Sick.

Everything will get sold. Cash will be King. IMHO





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Their way of „stealing the election“ is by holding the market up till Nov 3.

Seems like they advised Goldman to do so. And Goldman delivers.

We are at 3390, a iota away from the ATH, every single dip gets bought. That are the FACTS right now. The rest is fiction.

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1 hour ago, SiP said:

I said it gain, dollar is bought. Previously EM FX, now EUR

Im still holding shorts on SP500.

Scam week.

Next week may be different.

Any news on Trump executive order $400/week benefit?

Will the public get or not?




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