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If At First They Don't Succeed 8/18/20

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Actually, I don't think the polls matter. Trump will steal the election and there will be a military coup to depose him. At that point whether there's a new republic or not will depend on how the military handles the chaos. I believe that fracture and civil war is at least possible, if not likely.  

A Russian historian predicted this about 15 years ago as I recall. He knew something. 

I think that we should all be worried. Not just Americans.  

Barring a miracle, the days where we can freely criticize government without fear of repression, imprisonment, or death, are coming to an end. We are entering a new dark age. 

Central banks are directly responsible. Their policies have led to hideous concentration of wealth and economic power, corruption, and the utter powerlessness of workers.  That has led to the widespread acceptance of demagoguery. 

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No. It did not. Maybe on your Macau based spread-betting plattform 😂😂😂

1 hour ago, jp6 said:

I get the feeling that Trump will win again.   it could be like 2000, where Bush got Less votes and won. In media there was something about who won the election and Market didn't like it.


The 2000 United States presidential election was the 54th quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 7, 2000. Republican candidate George W. Bush, the governor of Texas and eldest son of the 41st president, George H. W. Bush, won the election, defeating Democratic nominee Al Gore, the incumbent vice president. It was the fourth of five presidential elections in which the winning candidate lost the popular vote, and is considered one of the closest elections in US history



2000 Election.png

Trump lost the popular vote also.  

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Last winter, before COVID, I attended a fundraiser for the local animal shelter. One of the organizers of the event was a retired schoolteacher - single, gay woman.  Somehow after a few drinks the conversation turned to politics.  She said she knows Trump is crazy and is an awful human being but as long the market goes up she doesn’t care what he says or does.  I just walked away.

In my area ( southern NEw Hampshire) I am seeing more and more Trump signs - particularly in the rural areas.  

I think the odds of Trump winning are much better than the polls are showing.  And I agree with Doc - that if he loses, he and his supporters will contest the results through any means they think are necessary.

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