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Dow Long term Wave 3 Done

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Here is an example of how 150 months cycle work. 

If you spend more time you will see it near every bottom and top. May get extended by few months like 1987 top.

On Monday 16th 0r 17th August we get sell off then Game is on. 

Friday was the D day but close wasn't ideal on SPX and NDX. DOW had the right candle by days end.  





5th wave in pogress.png

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On Friday the 13th Price and time all lined up. Only thing missing was Doji Candle. which Dow had. Red close today confirm that toping process has started.
just sit back and Enjoy as it's going to be fun to watch


5th wave in pogress.png

13 update.png

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So far Looks like all 5 waves are not Complete on Dow
3rd of September is an anniversary of 1929 Crash so should see 36K or under to finish all waves.
last year 3rd of September was also short term Top. September top works Better then August top.

On monthly chart August will have Green candle. Possible Red candle on September

Today SPX closed on green support line. Should hit Blue line which is around 4350 or may go little lower by Friday. 

With action so far Top looks like in.

Retest of last high in 1st week of September ????


18 August.png

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SPX and NDX went up little more then expected with lower volume (short covering?). Dow has not reached 36K and looking bearish. Another Diamond top.

McClellan Oscillator went positive but that did not reflect in price

Looked around chart to see where Summation index hang around zero. Looks like plunge to 200MA should come. What happened Last year early September? Plunge. Will it come this week. 

1929 top was on 3rd September 1929 after Labour day holiday. Also last year drop started on 3rd September 2020

we have same setup on 7th September 2021.

We will find out soon enough once market opens on 7th or by 9th. Gap up that get sold on 7th or by 9th would be ideal.




5 sep.png

Double diamond.png

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Another Diamond top played out nicely.

So far nothing is broken. It will be broken during the scam week (option expiry week September)

Also looks like top came in SPX during Labour week New moon. same as 3rd September 1929 with New moon. 

Bottom will be in after fed runs around like headless chickens. around 34 Months time. Does anyone remember 2009 where they did exactly that. 

Two scenario's that can play out. ABC drop like 1929 or Y2K drop, A wave took longer then B wave up for 6 Months,  went up and killed most bears. 


Diamond top september.png

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Narrative is fed has your back and Stocks can only go up Best to buy now and become Millionaires The other way is 4 days rest after selling climax will make all indexes ready for another Dump Top was with new moon. 4 days rest will bring it to Full Moon Monday (20 September 2020) is the D day.

We will find out if there is another round trip today. That is a good option which will suck in more Bulls and Bears will throw in the towels.


17 sep 2021 morning.png

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Today we have hit Bottom trend line which should hold.

Game over for Bulls.

Market will try and close gap today then 1929 type scenario come in play.

Dow first bounce around 30660

Final destination around 18600

Then Huge bounce for 5/7 Months

Then even bigger drop as per long term chart.

Top was in August and Not going to see that high for a long time.

For it's popcorn time. Watch the show for free, End is going to be fun just like 2007 Bearmarket.

So many traders believe that Fed control the market. That's going to proven wrong.

 waterfall is going to come but not yet

20-sep-2021 morning.png

Long term dow update.png

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