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Dow Long term Wave 3 Done

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I Just done some more wave analyse and found that wave 3 top was done. Bounce from March is similar to 1929 crash bounce, Crash that is coming will bounce on same line. Will get better picture once it happens.

Hopefully I get some input from You.




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Isn't it strange that with so much good news coming from Tech that Ndx is having problems taking out the trend line? Ndx is also doing Ending diagonal. Crooks are unloading their position to Bagholders.



August top.png

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Some say's Cycles doesn't work how come Each mania Lines up? Some even lough,  Casino makes people Blind

During Each mania most believe it's not going to end. Change is coming. 

Before 1987, 2000, 2008, 2020, and 2020 Crash. Most believe Market is going to the moon, Going to be very Rich.

fed want's you to believe they have every thing in control. It only works if you believe in it. 

Listen to Mike Green very carefully then you will realize March was the test of what's coming. fed isn't going to help with No bids




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Should be C wave to Double top then should hang around.

Most likely in September wheels will come apart 

Today Gold should Bottom and Top in September then Buying Opportunity before Santa 

New ending.png

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SPX possible top scenario.
Wheels should fall off in September
Consolidate around 3500 then Sell off to around 3450 then slow grind up to around 3520
Remember it all takes time to make the top.

SPX possible top.png

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M Type Bottom if that fails then Get ready for the wheels to fall off.

Most likely  M type bottom then Final high.

27300 on Dow where the support is.

If it breaks the waterfall has began, Cash will be king




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Liquidity or No liquidity. Wheels are going to fall off before the Election. traders will decide which way market will go.

60/40 portfolio was under attack on Friday. Only safe trade was Dollar.

After huge rally with only one minor pullback, second pullback is bought almost immediately, was seen on Friday -the SP recovered from an intra-day 3% loss. As of Friday's , trend remains positive as long as the SP remains above 3300. Will go with Scenario 2. Gap down then Scenario 1


September top 2020.png

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Is it Fed or Speculator that is making market go up?


analyze the dramatic crash of U.S. equities on Thursday and its connection to the speculative activity in derivatives markets. After weighing the significance of Softbank's unmasking as the big "NASDAQ Whale" that has been buying a massive amount of calls on big tech stocks,



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