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Current Target 3265-70 or 3285. Pick One 7/21/20

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Yesterday was a clear breakout. This morning we have follow through. The 5 day cycle projection has risent from 3255 to 3285. Channel resistance on the daily chart, 3270. And if that's cleared 3325. If 3265 holds, then we pull back to 3230 and wait. 







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Yep, that‘s right. But see, EUR/USD is almost 60% of the index. Since it isn‘t an equal weight index that means it is almost impossible that the Dollar index will behave completely different to the mo

18 minutes ago, SiP said:

nasdaq is overbought. maybe a correction? this will slow the bulls since 25% of market cap is nasdaq and 5 stocks.

I still looking for Market top around September/October. If the election is in the way and it doesn't happen then March 2021

Way Gold is acting most likely to be this year. NDX around 11k is fine

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EUR/USD broke thru the March high. Monthly chart looks bullish. But keep in mind that there is massive multi year and often tested congestion area between 1.20 and 1.25. Once that is cleared it should fly to 1.50/1.60.

When USD falls a lot US stocks become unattractive for overseas investors. Ex-US stocks will become more attractive, also for US-based investors.

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