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Vaccination Inflation- Is It Real or Is It Pump and Dump 7/15/20

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7 minutes ago, DrStool said:

I can't think that far ahead. Going back to FL seems a non-starter at this point. It would take a miracle. But if I can get back into the Schengen and they continue to extend the 90 day limit I'll go to Nice, or else will come back here to Zadar.   

Hard to see the Trump administration taking steps before the election to shut down to stem the pandemic here.

Assuming Biden is elected, and that forecasts for a disastrous winter of infection are accurate, I can imagine his first order of bidniz being a 6-week shut down of the entire country.

Which would make March 2021 the earliest time you might entertain your return here.

I've been looking online at apartments for sale in the old port of Nice... dreaming. That new tram makes that quarter very attractive to me for my senior years.

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11 hours ago, Jimi said:


No. Way.


Isn't that like my wife observing that she apparently has a distant half cousin on the subcontinent?



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