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Where's The Big Monday Morning Selloff? 6/29/20

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AHA! Found the backup!  Thank god had backed up my old computer to Google Drive before windoze self immolated. 

35 minutes ago, fxfox said:

Absolutely blow the roof away Pending Home Sales number??? Is this made up or what?

May contracts. That was when they thought the pandemic was finished. The numbers were getting better in the Northeast and the rest of the country was rushing to reopen. Anyone who had been waiting to buy rushed in. 

June will be a catastrophe. July will be worse. 


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About 40 points to go and the 50-day could get back above the 200-day on the S&P daily.

Locally I'm hearing about a lot of people trying to move out of SF and into the suburbs. No idea if they will be successful but wonder what impact that is having on the market.  

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If it weren't for the fact that Trump controls the SS DOJ, he would have been handcuffed and perp walked out of the White House by now. He condoned Putin's bounty on the heads of American soldiers.  

Now, where is the outrage from the Republican Party?  Why haven't Republican politicians demanded his resignation? 

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Unfortunately, I just discovered that I lost 3 years of data on my housing stuff when my windoze crashed on my old computer. The backups were also lost. 

I'm going to dig. 

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