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5 hours ago, jp6 said:

Was thinking around 17th. Like all previous spike in Silver it will come to an end. Unless we are looking at top like 2011.

Gold Bounce today where I thought it would bounce from.

In 2011 Silver made Top April and Gold in August.

It could be like  2008 top. What ever it is there is No doubling from here.

Most likely it's like 2008 top. will have more Cash before the 27th, that is what one will need to Buy the Panic bottom.

Miners are not moving fast as silver or Gold.

The 14th is a Friday, the 17th is a Monday.  I like to leave a little early especially when a market has risen so fast.  I got stopped out on half of my GDX position where I entered below 34.  Keeping the other for LT.   Silver COTs look good, better than gold.  Still thinking another week upside so I’ll daytrade small positions.  trading the full moon cycle?

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51 minutes ago, chiefywiefy said:

I agree.  My 401k doesn't allow premarket so I try to be just a day or so early.  The STO's in the chart above were a day or so from turning

Drop in the morning has completed the C wave

$1945 will seal the deal.


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1 hour ago, chiefywiefy said:

I'm looking for gold to hit 2380, pullback then onto 3600+.  DOW to hit 37000.  Either way I have trailing stops.  :)


look at the Blue lines they are the Chanel lines. most likely it's resistance and any throw over will be temporary. then I will load up at the bottom.

Gold is doing Wave B then C wave which should be fast down. mid September? 


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