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Here is Monthly Dollar chart,  There are 2 Scenario.

1 Bounce off trend line ?

2 Hit trend line and go Straight down.

It's a Monthly Chart so it will take time. i like Scenario 2. which would be ultra bullish for Gold

Montly dollar.png

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Professor Richard Werner joins Hugh Hendry, founder and former CIO of Eclectica Asset Management, for a deep-dive into the world of central banking. They explore the process of credit creation and examine the fundamental role it plays in inflating asset bubbles, the popping of which can wreck whole economies but can be very good for central bankers. They analyze the Bank of Japan's (BOJ) remarkable record of credit expansion, including its use of lending quotas, through the lens of Werner’' renowned book, "Princes of the Yen," which was a number one bestseller in Japan. They also look at the ongoing efforts of the Fed and the European Central Bank (ECB) to provide liquidity during this unprecedented global crisis at all costs, particularly debt monetization and quantitative easing (a term Werner himself coined), which Werner suggests could lead to a widespread bank nationalization – or a "Sovietization" of the banking sector, as he says. Werner argues that the ECB is undemocratic and that it bears a closer similarity to the Reichsbank (1876 – 1945) than it does to the Bundesbank (1957-present). Hendry and Werner conclude their lengthy discussion by looking forward: they scrutinize the current and future monarchs of the global monetary order, who are no longer princes but who may be on their way to becoming kings.




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I take it there is no one trading Gold or Silver who were trading before the 2011 gold top.

Once my Target is reach. Selling silver then will trade trading range till September.


Silver top in September 2020.png

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On 8/5/2020 at 8:58 PM, chiefywiefy said:

I have a short term top around Aug 14.  Rising stops in place for GDX

Was thinking around 17th. Like all previous spike in Silver it will come to an end. Unless we are looking at top like 2011.

Gold Bounce today where I thought it would bounce from.

In 2011 Silver made Top April and Gold in August.

It could be like  2008 top. What ever it is there is No doubling from here.

Most likely it's like 2008 top. will have more Cash before the 27th, that is what one will need to Buy the Panic bottom.

Miners are not moving fast as silver or Gold.

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