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Market Rallies on Strength in Biden and COVID Numbers 6/26/20

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Something I worked on this afternoon. 


Right wing economists and their cult followers, who blame the lockdowns and Dr. Fauci, and not the virus itself, for the weakness in the US economy, are assholes. I have stopped resyndicating one of those people's posts on WSE. I refuse to tolerate assholism. It's one thing not to understand or have the facts. But having the facts, and then gaslighting people, is assholism.  

Is the fear of the virus to blame? Hell yeah. If you are over 60, or are obese, or have heart disease, fear is a rational response. Or at least healthy caution is. That's what's behind the weakness. Not lockdowns. Sweden was proof as a country and now we have the results of the US with and without lockdowns. Clearly people respond to the spread of the virus.  

Maybe we'll get used to living with fear and economic life will rebound. 

Maybe not. 




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So they are getting better at treatment even without new dedicated medicines.  Thank god for the doctors. 

Let's not forget the Trump branded vaccine being pushed out in a couple of months - six months ahead of the most optimistic schedule set by actual doctors - royalties of $0.02 per dose and it comes wi

36 minutes ago, Jimi said:

Proud of our community. image.png.1461afda02218478007d771a28b3cf24.png

Smart people stay home. Then there's LA. 

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Jesis feck. The NBA season reopens in Orlando. THere were nearly 10,000 new cases in FL yes turd day. 


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5 hours ago, sandy beach said:

Cripes, it's been 4  years since the founder drove into a bridge abutment at 90 mph.  


The whole shale thing has been so whacked that history won't believe it.


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