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Social Unrest, Pandemic, Depression, Threat of Martial Law - Bullish! May 36, 2020

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Jobs- Big Picture and Good News/Bad News Market Reaction in Stocks and Bonds

by Lee Adler •  • 0 Comments

Nonfarm Payrolls- Not Seasonally Adjusted - May 2020

Total nonfarm payrolls as reported by the Trump Regime Bureau of Liar Statistics rose 2.25 million on a not seasonally adjusted basis, before downward revisions for March and April. This is based on a comparison of the year to year change for May vs. the year to year change for April.

Hidden beneath the headlines was a lot of bad news.

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2 minutes ago, MisFit Kid said:

Schwab's website is currently broken..........Just like the fraudexes.........


prices just do not matter...........


 Buy the Top and sell the Bottom crowd are really happy.

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Fast V shape recovery.   

Money printing does work only for the Wallstreet, Main street need to do some hard work and getting nothing for it.

I can see resentment from Main street, After the Election government will be giving money to Main street.


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