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One Last Look 5/19/20

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That said, the rally had absolutely nothing to do with a vaccine and everything to do with $265 billion. 


Market comes roaring back because the rally had absolutely nothing to do with the vaccine in the first place. Finmedia just makes shit up because they need cover stories. 

31 minutes ago, Jimi said:

Have I ranted here about federal biodefense spend since 9/11?

When everything started coming unglued, and Kushner talked about "our stockpiles, not the states' stockpiles," it made me rather cross.

When I rant about California going its own course, it's because of the vast value earned here & then sent to DC for decades that was then apparently subsequently pissed away.  Pandemic response benefits from the highest available level of organized response. I simply would never have expected that soon after the West Coast closed that the Federal government would not organize a country-wide lockdown with the goal of curtailing spread.

Instead, states were left to make their own decisions and a patchwork of varying responses assured that the response of "the nation" (whatever the eff that is at this juncture, given the failure) would assure further spread and further death and inevitably greater economic calamity than if there'd been a coordinated and coherent response.  All the while the president dressed down governors for not having sufficient resources, and not having stockpiled for the eventuality.

When federal authorities thereby #fail when that authority is available to confer its greatest benefit, why the ever-loving crap should it be unconditionally and perpetually afforded?

Because of a flag and an anthem and a federal reserve note? We have a flag with a bear on it, and we can write songs here, and we can bitcoin our economy.

Ignore whether or not COVID-19 is the result of a bioweapons program run amok or afoul in Wuhan.

I'd always been under the quaint illusion that after 9/11, we'd taken steps to prepare AS A NATION against intentional release of a biological agent.

If we had, where was the coordinated federal response?

If we hadn't, where'd the effing biodefense spending go?

It's more about the nature of Americans themselves than the planning  or lack of it that is going to make the US have the worst toll of any developed nation.  Easily 20% of Americans,  , especially Christians, consider it a duty to God and country to infect others. Another 20% don't consider it a duty. they just don't consider others at all. Christians as well.

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5 hours ago, DrStool said:

Duty to infect.  

Yes. Every time you hear reference to herd immunity you can be sure that the person believes infecting others is for the common good.

Oddly from people who don't believe there is a common good or one can be ID'd. Except in cases like this or asset valuations. Rising asset valuations are always explained, promoted and defended,  in terms of the common good.

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Terrain theory - that ancient theory has captivated the minds of the younger generations. They think germ theory is a conspiracy by big pharma and viruses have never been isolated. They go round and round about Koch's postulates. When these folks are set lose they are going to be very busy infecting everyone around them. 

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