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One Last Look 5/19/20

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That said, the rally had absolutely nothing to do with a vaccine and everything to do with $265 billion. 


Market comes roaring back because the rally had absolutely nothing to do with the vaccine in the first place. Finmedia just makes shit up because they need cover stories. 

50 minutes ago, jp6 said:

Just like past presidents....IMHO

There's a quantitative and qualitative difference in Trump's case.  

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Just One Look 

We knew this was coming. $265 billion in MBS settlements for May are almost done. Now we reap the whirlwind. Here’s what to expect and why it’s time to GTFO.

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Monday is Memorial Day. They will try to close it above 3000 on Friday. Could imagine they save some of the dough they get tomorrow to be able to bomb it higher on Friday.

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Regarding Moderna's vaccine:




"All participants ages 18-55 (n=15 per cohort) across all three dose levels seroconverted by day 15 after a single dose"


All we have so far is a press release. I wouldn’t put much weight on that. We’ll need to wait for their results to get published. Then review it. An RNA vaccine like this has never been approved for human use but it has been successfully used with animals. But the bar is much lower for animals – you don’t care if a few die. This is a risky approach. They take the genome of the virus and then snip out the mRNA for just the S protein which binds to ACE2. Then they use a vector to get the mRNA into the human cells so it is expressed and some cells will translate the mRNA’s codons into the amino acid peptide of the S protein and present it on the cell surface. Those S proteins will be detected by the IgM antibody on a B-Cell surface and start the cascade of events that leads to production of protective IgG antibodies. The human cells will be seen as infected and will be killed. So you do lose a little bit of tissue. Some will feel as if they have the flu. You hope the correct mRNA is included and you don’t accidentally introduce the whole genome of the virus. And the IgG will probably last for two years. But if you get ADE after the virus mutates then this could result in a much worse illness later on. But we don’t know if ADE will happen. Generally a safer method is to just produce S protein on a wet bench and inject just the S protein to form an immune response but when this was tried with SARS it made the disease worse not better. Live attenuated viruses were tested for SARS but they reverted to wild type and killed the host. Risky stuff! Let’s hope we don’t cut safety corners and mandate and unsafe vaccine. But there is hope this could work.    

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