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Miner Major Breakout Gets Gold Metal 5/18/20

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47 minutes ago, BurntOnce said:

just yesterday it was reported that 7 sailors were re-infected. there is no stinking  immunity.

I think that if there were no immunity, we would have heard of many more than 7 reinfections. Are they sure that they're reinfections, not test anomalies, or recurrence of the same virus that was still present but not detected? 

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RtPCR tests using nasal swabs have a high false negative rate. So it is not inconceivable they could have had two negative tests when they were still infected. They could use BALF from the lung but that isn't very pleasant. It could also be the last text picked up dead virus being cleared out. 

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3 minutes ago, DrStool said:

The MBS settlements have clearly made a difference. The party ends on Wednesday. 

I stick to it: Tripple top. B) 

If it would be an OpEx week I'd even say they bomb it to 3000 for a short period.

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