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Know Your in Trouble When the Fed Bails Out a Carnival 4/28/20

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The next innovation will be dual trap door face masks for fine dining. The first door opens to a compartment where a tiny canister of hand sanitizer spray is attached. You put the food into the chamber, and spritz with the hand sanitizer spray, using a small bulb between the back teeth. That's attached to an air hose that forces air into the spray chamber sending a spritz of sanitizer over the food. The sanitizer would be made with vodka, not isopropyl or ethanol, so as not to impart too strong a flavor, and leave the eater with a pleasant sensation and good mouthfeel. 

What do you think? Good idea, huh? 

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I've been doing a genealogical search all day, since I'm still planning on going to Poland. I found the death record of my great grandfather in the town where my grandfather was known to have lived be

Did anybody read Mish's post about the Fed bailing out Carnival?  That gives bail out new meaning. 


Of course, I'm not at all surprised to see the overnight gains reversed and then some. I predicted it. 

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as long as we go up more on those days the FED pumps, than we go down on those they don‘t, bears reach nothing.

Will the FED stand the political pressure which will come from the WH once they stop pumping at all (as we know the market would collapse immediately)? I do not think that the FED wants a new ATH before the election, they‘d be satisfied not going to the March low again, they could live eith 2600-2800:or so, but Trump et al will put the heat on the FED so massivly that Dec 2018 will look like kindergarden.

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1 hour ago, DrStool said:

I think that within 3 months Proctor and Gamble will be mass producing N95 masks that we will all buy at the supermarket like toilet paper and paper towels. Then the generic brands will pop up and they'll be $1.00 a dozen. We'll wear them everywhere. 

Restaurants will all become malt shops. Our N-95 masks will have straw holes. Paper straws of course. We go to the malt shop, insert the straw through the straw hole and suck our malt. This trend of malt specialization by restaurants, will be the next big thing. 

Would malt mild, or hot and spicy? Kung Pao Malt, Pizza Malt, Sushi Malt will all be big. 

I guess if the stock market hits a new all time high it will be due to a malt up!

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Does all of this have an air of unreality to it, or is it just me?

Maybe we have been living in a Twilight Zone episode all along?

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Not on the one I'm watching on Investing.com

Funny name. Investing.com

It should be Gambling.com


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