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Know Your in Trouble When the Fed Bails Out a Carnival 4/28/20

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"Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says it was ‘outrageous’ for the LA Lakers to take a small business loan"

The Lakers were the second most-valuable team in the National Basketball Association entering 2020, with a valuation of $4.4 billion.




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I think that within 3 months Proctor and Gamble will be mass producing N95 masks that we will all buy at the supermarket like toilet paper and paper towels. Then the generic brands will pop up and they'll be $1.00 a dozen. We'll wear them everywhere. 

Restaurants will all become malt shops. Our N-95 masks will have straw holes. Paper straws of course. We go to the malt shop, insert the straw through the straw hole and suck our malt. This trend of malt specialization by restaurants, will be the next big thing. 

Would malt mild, or hot and spicy? Kung Pao Malt, Pizza Malt, Sushi Malt will all be big. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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