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Know Your in Trouble When the Fed Bails Out a Carnival 4/28/20

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I've been doing a genealogical search all day, since I'm still planning on going to Poland. I found the death record of my great grandfather in the town where my grandfather was known to have lived be

Did anybody read Mish's post about the Fed bailing out Carnival?  That gives bail out new meaning. 


Mega critical right now. ES 2898, seems to breakout, Dow and NAS100 lagging a bit, but not much. DAX tripple top or breakout?

If we don't move down hard once cash is open, this thing starts the fifth wave which leads us far above 3000, maybe hitting ATH within a few weeks.


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2905 now

DAX just bombed above 10800

that thing even EXPLODES to the upside. Bear case is done for now. Forget it.

Regarding a vaccine: Don't forget that the whole world works 24/7 on that. That didn't happen regarding Ebola or HIV. Imagine they'd present a vaccine in October or so although every expert says that is impossible? One the vaccine is there the FED will of course reduce, but how much? They can't reduce quicker than the market moves up and up and up. And: When they starts a QE in relatively good times, September 2019, why should they then break the markets neck right now or in a few months? That would be a 180 degree policy shift. In a election year, when the Street wants Trump???

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The Treasury is pounding the market this week and we go up like berserk??? OMG, it is even worse than expected. Why does the FED not see this? I mean they must realize that if they do nothing we will hit new ATH's till the end of May. Do they want this? I mean: REALLY?

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