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3000 or Bust 4/27/20

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3 hours ago, fxfox said:

BoJ keeps benchmark interest rate at -0.10%, removes cap for corporate bond purchases and pledges to buy JGBs with no limit. - BBG


Sick. There's no market there. It's all pretend.  

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Producing radio shows from home studios is nothing new. But major TV productions from home is something new, and it's working. Ala Saturday Night Live. 

I don't watch the news but aren't the networks doing their productions from the on-air talents' homes? Obviously, production crews need to go there, but some must also be working remotely from home. 

It's a brave new world. 

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Another thing that's changed is moving fitness classes onto zoom.  Was listening to one instructor who now does his boot camp online and he said he's getting clients from all over Australia joining in.


I normally do virtual classes at the gym with the big screen.  The video company has put a freebie page online for the duration of gym closure so I'm ok with cardio and yoga stuff but I don't have any weights.  Rapidly turning into a 90lb weakling .. 🤨

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2 hours ago, Jorma said:

Corporations are winning. Nothing else makes any difference. 


Yes, but is that something new? That goes on since decades. It was even worse 100 years ago. Standard Oil, JP Morgan... Corporate Germany helped Hitler to establish power etc.

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Regarding Gold:

I get all those arguments why it should fly. But somehow I'm still not 100% convinced about Gold in general. Still thinking that the state would step in before profits for individuals get too big. State could change taxation or so. That talk about Gold going to 10k or even beyond... we heard that 10+ years ago on an almost daily basis.

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