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CornahohoBear Virus? No Problem, Drink Bleach - 4/24/2020

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58 minutes ago, Jorma said:

Do they really believe that being lead by a guy with brain worms or as Chris Hedges said; Trump and his coterie of billionaires, generals, half wits, Christian fascists, criminals, racists and deviants" is going to work out just fine in the end?

I mean I know fundamentals don't matter anymore  but damn.

Maybe the Treasury could partner with Proctor and Gamble to distribute some paper to citizens that will do them some good.



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Fatality rate in New York now around 0.5%, the WHO said it would be 3.5%???

Is there any chance that the virus is not as bad as we all thought? 

Another point: There is a company with different departments: HR, Marketing, M&A, Finance, Controlling... will the company do well and prosper if everyone only listens to the Head of Controlling? See, everyone is in his own bubble. The Head of Controlling is absolutely concinced that he is right and thinks that all he does is in the best interest of the company, but looked at it from the outside, that is not the case.

So aren‘t virologists alao in their own bubble? I do NOT say that they do harm at will or something like that, but is it possible that they do not consider side-effects from lockdowns enough?

Another point: Can we really compare Corona with tbe Spanish Flu? 1918-20 young and healthy man died due to an overfeaction of their imune system. Completely different now.

Last point: If we would not know about that liquidity stuff and would only look at charts without knowing anything else, we would say: Market says it won‘t be as bad as most think. The bears problem eill be that Corona related news will get better and better. This could lift the markets. The upside move could only be avoided if the FED wiuld reduce injections massivly. Will that happen?

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The idea that we would look at the charts without knowing about the Fed liquidity injections is a hypothetical.  Useless. The fact is that if there were no liquidity injections, god knows how much lower the market would be. 

Furthermore, have you ever heard of the concept, sell the news? When the news is good, won't the Fed stop printing? 

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