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Just When We Thought The Bear Was Dead 4/21/20

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Not all.

Sumbitch. I can't edit the title. 

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They're gonna try to recover the trendline. They have around $63 billion to play with today. 

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No disrespect to Lee. Do not care who put the video out. To me it is a sign of the times.  People are suffering and their confidence in leaders of all parties and the process is either in decline or a

It's a one decision market now. Buy whoever Larry Fink is lending to. They are the stocks he is going to buy when he gets the OK.  What's he buying now?  You can't find out.  All the insiders who are

The hacking supports all narratives.

OTOH, US Treasury is slamming the market with $97 billion in settlements. So the Fed's $63 billion is shit in comparison. 

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I just don't see how this ends well. For anybody. 

So I'm gonna put on a mask and take a walk. 

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2 day cycle up phase under way. Next few hours the best chance the bulls have to recover and retake control. 

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I’ve never looked into this before. It looks like the Interior Department sells all the oil to the Department of Energy for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. These are via leases of US public lands and tribal lands. They collect fees on the leases and distribute payments back to the states and tribes. I haven’t read enough to understand how these leases work in the mechanism for price discovery and if it could involve futures. The DOE said it was considering leasing SPR space for a year to private companies for storage as well. I understand nothing about natural resources:






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Last time market reached this degree of extension it rallied 120 points overnight and next day. 

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