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We're All Gonna Die 4/20/20

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I'm looking forward to the day when I can use my negative interest rate credit card to buy negatively priced gasoline. I'm guessing there would be supply issues and probably other issues, like widespr

Walgreen’s was singled out in the Wash Post article you quoted as being in bad shape debt-wise.  I remember them being singled out 15 years ago for not having any debt, in the book “Good to Great”.

Sandy, m'man! Do you know anything about this outfit? https://www.arcpointlabs.com/covid-19-antibody-testing/


The story is that housing prices will hold up because there's no inventory. 

So frozen markets where there are no sales at all are holding up because the last print was what it was. Meanwhile, no one knows what the current prices are because there's no market. 

Just like 2006 and 2007. 

Fucking morons. 

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„Unless the Fed is prepared to add another $2 trillion to its balance sheet in the next 30 days there will be incrementally less liquidity added in the next 30 days.
Just saying.“

Thats what Sven Henrich said a few hours ago. You know what? The FED simply WILL add another 2 trillion, if needed 5, than 5. Who cares! 

They have finally found the perpetuum mobile. It is as easy as that. Since 11 years we always see and say the same things. Over and over again. Are we blind? Do we collectively have to go to the eye doctor? It is like all those perma bears who write the same stuff since 25 years. It is good stuff, well written, macro economically more or less correct and so on. Kurt Richebächer was a fantastic analyser. He was once head of economic reaseaech at Dresdner Bank. If he would still live, he would simply shoot himself, if he‘d have to see this market which we have to see every day. 

Bears have a basic problem: It is never enough. If the low woud have been 1900 they would have said „we have to see 1500, at least!“. If the low were at 1350, they say „tripple digits!“ at 940 „“666 baby!“ and at 333 „Close the  Dow at 0 and just shut the stock market. Forever“.


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6 minutes ago, specie said:

eye glaze at earl at 22 and earl fuctures at 4.75 and eyes fingers dat da banksters be busted

Oil is the truth. CB‘s don‘t buy oil futures.

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3 minutes ago, MisFit Kid said:

The Canadians cannot get rid of some of their oil stuff.....Even for free.......


Yes, the other day some oil derivatives like that sour asphalt or how that is called traded below zero. There is simply no place on earth to store this stuff anymore. 

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