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We're All Gonna Die 4/20/20

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13 hours ago, Jimi said:

Sandy, m'man!

Do you know anything about this outfit?


I'm sorry I don't. So far only three testing companies have been authorized by the FDA to test and you can find them here:



However, the FDA is allowing any company to start testing immediately. You want a test that has specificity and sensitivity above 90%. I don't see these numbers on their website so I could contact them before ordering a test. They should have those numbers available for you. 

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The town library temporarily closed some weeks ago due to the virus but a librarian contacted me today saying that I could order books.  I leapt at it being as I am rereading vintage books from my bookshelves.  The deal was that I ordered some books then, when I arrived at the library, I phoned and my books were brought out and laid on a table outside the front doors.  Once the librarian retreated inside I picked up my books and left.  Bizarre but who's complaining? 😏

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sunuvabitch. They broke the downtrend. 


Right here, right now, they have to stop and reverse and get back in that little downtrend channel, or this is a bull market. 

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One can virtually feel that they gonna bomb it higher any minute now.

NDX leads, the rest will follow.

Often enough Europe was down, but during the US Cash session they ALWAYS pump it. Wait: When have I seen this before? Early 2003 and early 2009?


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OK. This was it.

Welcome to the new bull market.

I think this was it for me too. Makes no sense. Waste of time. It will go on like since 2009. A completely rigged market. The message of them is crystal clear: You simply buy every month an S&P 500 ETF for lets say 500 USD, month after month and we do the rest. We also gonna save you immediately once price goes more than 20% below the recent high, whatever happens in the world, no problem, just stay calm. You don't have to care about the stock market, we always have it under control. Just make your monthly inflows and everything is fine.

That's it. That's the message. It is not hard to understand. They say it since 10 years.

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