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We're All Gonna Die 4/20/20

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I'm looking forward to the day when I can use my negative interest rate credit card to buy negatively priced gasoline. I'm guessing there would be supply issues and probably other issues, like widespr

Walgreen’s was singled out in the Wash Post article you quoted as being in bad shape debt-wise.  I remember them being singled out 15 years ago for not having any debt, in the book “Good to Great”.

Sandy, m'man! Do you know anything about this outfit? https://www.arcpointlabs.com/covid-19-antibody-testing/

Time for a rethink here in Australia:


"Free trade, the cornerstone of Australian and western economic policy for the past 50 years, is on the nose and has been for a decade since the previous crisis exposed weaknesses and dangers in a highly complex and largely deregulated financial system."


"This time around, there is widespread anger about the shortcomings of a global manufacturing and trade complex that has seen construction, manufacturing and services industries disrupted by an inability to obtain components vital to everything from health systems to everyday household goods.

The push is on to bring industry back home, for government to begin looking after its own citizens rather than signing up for a global agenda. Insular is replacing open."


"As a nation, we adopted the free trade philosophy — to produce what you're good at and buy everything else in — like almost no other."

"The end result is that we are one of the world's most concentrated economies. We rely largely on one commodity to one market — iron ore to China."





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This looks fishy. Again.

Ok, we are down somewhat, but there is no real follow thru. A 5 min moonshot once the Cash market starts will be enough to get the raging bull going again.

Oil down again, another 10%... BUT: Wouldn't be surprised if they start to spin low oil prices as positive. It is a long lasting dream of those folks who surround Trump to make the Saudis and other Arabs poor. If that would also mean the total collapse of the US shale industry, so should be it. 

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I miss Shorty but he's with me whenever I fart in a public place - elevator, lobby, concourse. 

Every day, in other words 😄

He had so many classics. His take on the red bouncy ball gym teachers comes to mind whenever I have to deal with government. 

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we broke thru the Friday low in ES. Good.

50% fibo in DAX is at 11025. DAX seems to have made a double top at 10800, right now at 10460. Does 10800 qualify as a failed test of the 50% fibo? Probably yes, when you came from 8200...


your take: The reduction to 15 billion per day by the FED is an experiment, right? Today they see that everything breaks apart, so the simply gonna go to 30 bil again, correct?

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