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The MIT Experiment - Day 9

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Good morning and good stool to all!


This thread for posting of short term TA matters only, charts and brief discussion. No chit chat! That goes on the adjacent IDS main thread. Also longer term TA issues should go in LOB or Dr. Bontchev's TA forum.


Many tanks to BB, sniff, DF, FF, rich, bontchev, slothrop, et. al. for your contributions!

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11:45 is a "potential" turn ...yes....that's the time levels I usually trade around. The blue line, is the median line from the Andrews channel. It "could" provide resistance.


I take intraday trades around the time pivots, on stocks that lag the market and have either bullish or bearish patterns. I trade the 1 day cycle..

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SPY, 15 minute


I now have software printing major cycle tops on 1 - 15 minute charts. There is nothing that says the tops cannot be "phantomized" (in other words moved), but am respectful of such major cycle top calls.


The reason for my respect of this called cycle tops on this chart is that this time frame, 15 minutes, the "waves" ( the light gray parallel lines) has mapped the recent swing quite nicely....better than all other time frames. The cycle ID (heartbeat looking thing) also plotted in the middle of a suspected cycle timing band (the horizontal green) dots. The number of "phantomized" cycle tops (half moon things that dont correspond to the cycle indicator) were few....only one. TRIX and accumulation appears to have peaked (I checked the 5 mintue time frame).


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Great software Rockhead! Agrees with Doc's Stooltrading charts and yet looks very simple and automated for completely mechanical trades. Looks like printing press software in the right hands. Don't forget to always look out at longer cycles while trading shorter cycles. How they work within each other is key and what I have been trying to focus on. Still lots to learn for me but I think I'm getting a handle on it. :blink:

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BB I understand that everything is just potential. I need to be more precise around you. :D


I can see the possiblity of one day high around 11:45 +/-. Maybe dbl top. Looking for no higher than 853.


Also that yield/S&P comparison chart often tells me when a move is BS. They normally stay in sync.

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