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The Verdict is In 4/7/20

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3 minutes ago, No Einstein said:

RUT red again...at this rate all the little companies will be going out of business or gobbled up by the big companies where there is value...the TBTF can then control their supply lines dirt cheap...banks will facilitate the raping of America again..with all the free money the FED is dishing out... JUST MUSING about one possible long/medium term possibility.

They won't even need to buy up the little companies. Just wait for the auction of their assets, contract with their landlord and pick up all their employees. The rest of the small companies are going to be black holes. I saw that go on after the dot com crash here. This is going to be going on all around the world 

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I've been thinking a lot about how much is riding on the economy at the moment.  Not Wall Street, but Main Street.  Yada yada no savings lots of debt no prospects nothing to lose.  We armchair warrior

"Grandpa, what were 'prices'?" "Well, let me see here if I can answer your question, Joey. 'Prices' used to be the number we used to describe the value that things had. So, like those old-fashion

1 minute ago, MisFit Kid said:

Will/Does the S&P 500 have 500 viable companies because of the FED?

Does/Will the Russell 2000 have 2000 viable companies because of the FED?

Does The S&P 250 sound about right?

I never thought about that. 

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1 minute ago, sandy beach said:

6 trillion dollars and this is all we get? Really?

You complainer!

Didn't the tape just paint you a pretty shooting star?!


And on a night with a full moon no less!

Sheesh... some people.

(It is a shooting star, right?)

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