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Reversal Night 3/24/20

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Banks borrow record $89.3 bln from BOJ's. The takeup was well beyond its previous record of $50.2 billion, hit on October 21, 2008, during the global financial crisis https://reut.rs/3afh3ab

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The Fed has to go full inflation to save the Financial Industrial Complex.

Otherwise its straight debt default.

And they wont allow that.

There is simply too much debt in the system to ever repay in real terms.

Real assets yes financial assets no will be the mantra from now on.

Very 1970's.

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Back in 2001 or 2002 when we all first met, I did great with gold and silver, then spent years losing out on other real assets (commodities).  Energy stocks have been crushed, especially in Canada- presumably because ultra cheap money and capital had been fueling their rise.  I'm still sitting on substantial losses, like most Canadians, and really don't know what to do here.  It's easy to buy these stocks at these levels, which sets off a trader's alarm bell for me on its own..

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2 minutes ago, potatohead said:

This has been confirmed.


For us dummies can you please explain this is small words? Why are refiners shutting down? Why aren't metals moving? Who are these market makers and what is EFP? Are CME futures way below OTC spot? I don't follow gold at all. Sorry to be such and idiot. 

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