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Gap and Fill or Gap 'n Crap? 3/23/20

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On Friday I observed from the charts that if they didn't let the S&P fall below 2300 In the last hour that there would be a huge gap below it on Monday morning. Well here we are. 

Is there any coming back from this? I don't think so. Obviously at some point this morning or this afternoon they will try. But if they fail this will continue. I won't say it'll get worse. How could it get worse than the worst in history? 

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Fucutures need to get to 2263 to fill gap and break through resistance.  Then could quickly fill to 2375. The PPT is working in a vacuum now while NY is closed. The tidal flow returns at 9:30. 


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could you report a chart with bonds/bills - the one that shows how fed destroyed t-bills market?


I want to show this to people in FX in Poland. Polish NBP last week started first QE in polish market history. Today traders are saying that NBP is making the whole matter worse.

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2 minutes ago, Jorma said:

It seems the proposal for unlimited  unsecured credit,  or secured with a wink and a nod, for corporations is meeting some resistance from team D.  They will fold.

I need smart people to explain to me how this doesn't result in extremely high inflation, if not hyper. 

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1 minute ago, DrStool said:

If you don't hear from me for a while, it's because 20 feet of stone have fallen on me and I'm dead. 

Now you know. 

Didn't you say your walls were 3 feet thick. They have been standing a long time. Presumably thorough many quakes.

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